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Go Beyond Surviving, Live Fully!
and shine your Greatness

August 26~29





I believe we are meant

to thrive, to expand, to grow, 

to open ourselves, to trust.


We are meant to live fully.



We are here to transform and to evolve. We are here to evolve together. To understand better and better our perception of ourselves and of the world. 

Four days to explore how to Live Fully,

bring awareness and empowerment

 August 26~29 

$199 till Aug 23

then $288


with Live videos, Guided Body Storytellings, Contemplations, Integration,

Rituals, and a private Facebook page.  

✨So many of us are living in survival mode on a daily basis. 

But is this what Life is supposed to be? 

Is it the best vision of yourself

Is it your dream to live life in survival mode?


I watch myself being occasionally in survival mode. I shrink inside. I am overwhelmed. I cannot sleep at night. My mind is going in circles.

I enter the world of my mind


✨Survival mode is the conditioning of our mind who is trying to control everything. 

Because it is familiar. 

So it feels safer. 


✨It doesn’t need to be that way. And YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

You can decide to pause, breath, bring awareness. And from there LIVE FULLY. One awareness moment at at time. 



✨Let’s dive into ways to live life fully. To feel this inner expansion and deliciousness that we deserve. Seriously, can you imagine living the highest vision of yourself? This is what I’m talking about. Step by step, by going back to your body, it is possible. 






in the body


That is why I will guide you through  body explorations.


This is about letting the body lead the way,

letting the body show the mind your truth.


Contact Syv for more information

Let's explore together
how to attain and sustain
this empowering state of living. 

 What You Can Expect from ‘ Go beyond surviving, Live Fully! ‘


Live videos 


In these live sessions we will dive into the different aspects of surviving mode and Life,  giving you some starting point for reflection and focus. We will dive straight into the body wisdom using guided movement practices. 


If you can't make the live sessions, don't worry. Replays will be available.


Movements through Body Storytelling


This is an invitation to leave the mental and quiet the mind. Transformation happens first in the body. Body Storytelling is about letting the body lead the way, letting the body show the mind your truth. 

These movement explorations will help you access your body~soul voice and wisdom, so that you can set deeper in your transformation.





A series of contemplations will be sent to you via pdf documents. These are additional tools to help you receive answers, insights, and clarity.




I have specifically built integration time into this experience, gifting you the space to benefit from the insights and clarity received during the contemplation or embodied exploration. There is little  point having this new awareness if you do not integrate and embody it.This is where you see and feel the shifts in your life!





Simplicity, consistency and pleasure are keys to create new pathways in the brain and bring change. Therefore I help you create simple yet powerful rituals that will add personal and sacred value to this experience. So you can ensure to maintain you new “Live Fully’  once this Live experience has ended.



✨ You will also receive an exclusive invitation to a private Facebook Group where you will be able to share your experiences, ask questions and benefit from each other’s insights. This is a safe space for you to explore simplicity and be supported by an experienced guide.





Go beyond surviving, Live Fully!


August 26~29 

A transformative exploration

to bring more awareness in your mind​

to hear the wisdom of your body

to shine your Greatness

Live Fully!


Aug 26  "Shine Your Greatness"

+ Live in a private FB group

+ Body Storytelling & Movement Exploration



Aug 27 "Your Internal Landscape is a choice"

+Recorded Body Storytelling & Movement Exploration + Contemplation


Aug 28 Self Reflection

+ Ritual


Aug 29 "Live Fully in Awareness"

+Live in a private FB group

+ Body Storytelling & Movement Exploration

+ Integration Ceremony + Ritual


Pictures: The Joy I felt in my body when i realized it was finally healed and cured (in 2020) // Flowers in Aomori Countryside // Me in the green and lush 'jungle' of Hokkaido

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