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A new consciousness
around your body


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Body Storytelling  is a new consciousness you have around your body. 

Body Storytelling helps your to enter the presence of the body. 

Body Storytelling is a map

to help you fall in love with yourself


Your body is your container in this 3D life.

It is also 'a being', full of knowledge, experiences, stories, answers, humor,

depth, lightness, vitality, love, wisdom.  


Your body is not your enemy or a prison.

It is your best ally.

When you befriend your body and understand its language,

you get a whole new perspective on your life, your relationships, your desires

and what needs to be changed. 

Because your body speaks your truth.

You start to accept yourself more ( the pretty and the shadows)

You stop the war with yourself

You focus on what truly matters to you

You know the decisions to take, and the right actions

You create the life you desire

  Body Storytelling is A MAP :



I am listening

Life, what do you want to tell me?

halloween (10) copy_edited.jpg


I trust you


Kinder self talk

I say YES to LIfe!



I love you

I take

my ownership back


Deep listening

Forgive me


Syv showed me how to listen to my body. To pay attention to it. She showed me the way to feel, not to think. Our bodies don’t lie. We just should listen to them. To be able to move forward with all understanding which step we should take.

Thank you so much magical Syv! You are an angel who came to this Earth for love for others."


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Rock'n Roll

your Heart





through the PRESENCE

of your BODY 

Follow the map!

Body Storytelling is a map with different stages and journeys

I also have a toolbox  where you will find not only movement practices, the Gene Keys, shamanic journey,

alchemical astrology, but also contemplation, qigong, rituals, essential oils, storytelling. 


I create a space for you to pause and remember. 

I open doors to your own re-discovering of the joy and magic of Life.

I guide you through practices towards insights and revelation. 

You deeply desire:


~To feel worthy, to have a high self esteem & self validation


~To know what deeply matters to you, what is essential, what is your revolution & vision


~To be empowered & take ownership 


~To be more aware of your inner landscape


~To change the relationship with your body, your mind, your soul, your energy, and to be more integrated.


~To have clarity, simplicity, peace, more playfulness 


~To be more athentically yourself


~To trust Life and yourself, to surrender to the mystery & magic of life


~To have inner spaciousness in order to hold your vision, your growth, or challenges when they occur


~To be more gentle and caring with yourself


~To feel you are in your rightful place


But the reality often looks like this:


You feel that your life could be lighter, more joyful, more aligned.

You feel not worthy, with a low self esteem, or not enough.

You feel overwhelmed, stressed, always rushing, or frustrated. 


You notice that the same labels, limiting patterns, behaviours or thoughts keep recurring. In the relationship with yourself and with others, in your business, in the embodiment of your vision. 


You feel you are missing out some aspects of your life and not fulfilling your big vision. That there is something better, grander about yourself.


You want to change the relationship with yourself (aka your body and your mind), but don’t know how to start 


You are longing for clarity, purpose, simplicity, a re-connection with body, heart, soul

You feel scattered 


Your body is a powerful tool for your transformation:

your body is a messenger, a platform, a vessel, a medicine.

You have to do the work yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone. 

Let’s face it, the work is not mean to be easy, but it can be simple. 

Big truths, cosmic truths, and your deepest insights 

are always very SIMPLE .



I am bringing 11 years experience of diving within.

With my practice of Butoh, through my long self-healing & recovery journey.

And through my ongoing evolution. 


I want to extend to you the abundance of insights, transformation, evolution and healing I received over the years. 


I know what it is to feel lost, trapped, depressed, with no life meaning, to feel pain in the body, to forget one soul, to reject the body, to want to die.

I know first-hand the impactful shifts that occur when you open yourself to a deeper connection with your body, with your essence. When you commit to yourself.


Your Evolution starts now.

Through your body.


You are ready to explore your deepest being & create new stories for yourself. 

You are ready to free yourself from the conditionings and self limitations that prevents you from living your life fully. 


This is a call, YOUR CALL. 

I envision a world where everybody communicate with their body, heart and soul.

Where our stories and inner talk are kin.

Where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. And where we marvel at the magic and mystery of Life, including ourselves. 

Where we know our darkness as well as our light.

Where we take responsibility for our thoughts, words actions.

Where we all shine. Where we know we are Love.

Where everybody feels both their matter & energy self.


This is my R-Evolution. I am here to normalize all of this. 

It starts with me. It starts with you. 

Taking care of yourself is taking care of the world. 

When you change your personal narrative, 

when you heal yourself, 

you heal the collective.

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