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Syv Bruzeau


My name is Syv.

I am a body storyteller, a butoh dancer, a poet, a tree spirit, a wanderer, incarnated joy.


I received a strange present one day: cancer and fibromyalgia, and the incredible pain they brought with them. I took then a decision that would impact my life in a most prodigious way:

I decided I would heal myself.

I dived deep into my cells, my bones, my blood,into the darkness of my body, asking:

“Body, what do you want to tell me?

Pain, who are you? “ 

Little by little I started to remember

my essence and my body wisdom.


I will never forget the marvellous and almighty feeling when the first healing wave engulfed my body. 


This self healing odyssey took 11 years to complete. My medicines have mainly been Butoh, introspection, Nature, listening to my body wisdom. 


Today as I am talking with you,

I stand healthy and recovered. 

What a Life experience it has been! 


I got out transformed. 

I started to become whole again.  

I remember who I am. 

I touch the mystery of Life

and the magic of feeling alive. 


Life indeed is a mystery.

My body is poetry.

and I came here to share it with you. 

I am a body storyteller and my stories talk about Life, infinity, body, mystery, growth, evolution and transformation.

Today I envision a world where everybody communicates to/with their body, heart and soul. Where everybody feels both their matter & energy self.

Where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

And where we marvel at the magic and mystery of Life, including ourselves.

Where we know our darkness as well as our light. Where we all shine.

Where we take responsibility for our thoughts, words, actions.

Where we know we are Love. 

Where we are all fully ALIVE.

This is my R-Evolution.

It starts with me. It starts with you. 

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