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Standing Naked In Front of You

Standing Naked In Front of You shares my narrative account and reflections while facing cancer and fibromyalgia. 

These notes were not meant to be published at the time I wrote them.

They were a way for me to process and witness.


I was very shy at first to share my story.  

Then I saw it as an inspiration for readers to reflect about their own life and what is essential. That I had to share my story, not to talk about myself, but to open doors for people, the way I do too when I dance.  

Standing Naked in Front of You

is meant to be read with your body

and felt with your heart. 


If you wish to acquire this book, I can send you a signed copy to your home address.

For more information, kindly contact me here

The book is also available online.

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“ With humour and honesty, Syv recounts her journey,

of learning to listen to her body, the painful and multi-faceted processes of being ill, and the depression that followed as she began her recovery from cancer.


Along the way, she shares her personal insights 

and tackles taboos about suicide, depression, and the myth of perfect health.


Standing Naked In Front of You brings hope and laughter to many sensitive subjects. It is a compelling, inspirational story of a new birth.”

Radio Interview by Kate Delaney
for her show America Tonight 

With movements, writing is definitely another way to express myself.


I sense and live life through the lense of poetry.  

I wish i was there.001.jpeg

Documentary Films

 'Syv' by Juliette Yu-Ming and 'Love is Inside' by Yana Yakimova, are two documentaries about dance, pain, and my experience of being sick. For a long time, I was quite resistant to share so openly about my personal life.


Then I realized that the story, although about me, was beyond me. It talks about universal feelings, about our humanness, our struggles, and beauty. 

I hope both book and films will engage a dialogue about dying, death, self-healing, depression, suicide, which are still taboo topics.  

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