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Working Privately with Syv

Human consciousness is evolving a lot right now. We are going through a fantastic time of growth. 

You are ready to be the creator of your own life, the way you feel it, envision it, dream it.

To take responsibility for your self. 

To commit to your own growth.

I am guiding 1:1 mentoring 

to come back to who you are

to release stuck energies and internal stories,

so that accept yourselves

and live a more expansive and fulfilling life.

It is time you put all the pieces of yourself together.


To accept everything that makes this human experience:

the light and the dark, the body and the mind, the powerful and the weak,

the exuberant and the quiet, the leader and the student,

the matter and the energy.

while being deeply connected with all your other realities:

your soul, your energy self, your spirit self, your guides, spirits realms, and so on 


Time to feel one.

You are a lot more than who you are now.

Two ways to work privately with Syv on your transformation

-> 3 months 1:1 with Syv (6 sessions of 90 min)

$1.888 or 2x $999

-> 3-session Package 1:1 with Syv (60 min each over 1~3 weeks)

$270 or 2x $166


Click below to start your 3-month Evolution

Click below to start your 3-session Package


Can you imagine how it’d feel to stop feeling overwhelmed, fearful, confused, trapped in your beliefs & thoughts, and start knowing your patterns, transforming your thoughts, upgrading your inner wiring, feeling empowered.


How it would  feel if you stop being in constant pain and start living in a healthy, pain-free body. 


Can you imagine how it’d feel if you stop rejecting yourself or your body and start accepting the powerful being you are and the incredible & wise body you have.


How it would feel if you stop living in the old paradigm and start recalibrating to the new grander version of yourself. 


This is not a dream or a far off reality.

I am well aware that transformation may take months… and it could happen right away. Transformation, like healing, is not a linear process. It defies the logic, our reasoning, what we were taught. 


In my experience, transformation, like healing is actually SIMPLE. Sometimes it comes fast and with ease, other times with more detours in ups & downs. But it is rather simple. 

Each step compounds itself. Each opened door facilitates the next upgrade and healing. 

Remembering and self-awareness are incredibly freeing and empowering. 


1:1 Transformation with Syv

offers you the space, the time, the tools and practices

for your own transformation to bloom


3-month tailored container 

6 live sessions of 90-minute each 

+ A toolbox of guided embodiment practices, shamanic journeys, rituals, breath work, guided meditations, PDF workbooks of reflection and integration, and more, all customised to your needs. 



-> Together, we will look at the root cause of what is holding you back or causing you pain. 

-> We will reconcile these parts of yourself, unlock new perspectives and write new narratives. 

-> And finally we will integrate the transformation and set up practices or rituals to move forward. 

$1.888 or 2x $999

3 sessions 

3 sessions of 60 minutes over 1 to 3 weeks

Intensive tailored sessions to resolve a specific pain or issue, to cut an energetic cord which holds you back, 

to find your inner guidance or to put in place an embodiment practice 

My magic tool is the body. If I had to summer up my ‘method’ of self-healing and growth, it would be having a deep relationship with my body, her wisdom and knowledge. 

It all starts with the body.

It all happens in the body. 

$270 or 2x $166

"I am alive"

Time to be FULLY alive 


“Syv tailor-made every session according to my needs and what I want to work on. Not only does she feels and understands me very well, she "prescribes" many different "solutions" for me to guide me on how I can empower myself, tap into my innate resources, listen to my body wisdom and more... She even help me overcome my negative belief that I can never drive a car.  After the coaching session with Syv, I passed my driving test!!


Syv is very very special. She is teaching with her real experiences, so I can feel how authentic it is. The techniques she has taught me have been very effective. But most important because she has fought through the ebbs of life very bravely & intensely, confronted and heal her inner self, and thus she can fully and truly feel me. That to me is the MOST precious and MOST powerful. "

Arakah Guo Sin


I am bringing 11 years of experience of embodiment to you.
Your body is waiting to give you the answers you’ve been looking for.
Through embodiment practices, you will release what needs to be, invite and embody new realities. And (re)discover the precious guide you constantly have with you: your body

When I started to remember my past lives,
to remember that I am LOVE,
to accept fully my humanness and 
to tap into the other aspects of myself -soul, energy, potential

I came closer to a profound sense of being, more complete,
and I opened myself to a vast expansiveness.

Embodying ENERGY brought into MATTER 
is accessible to you as well. 

So let's start. A whole new you is waiting for you. 


3 months Container


You are ready to take another step towards your healing and transformation. Congratulations!

Let's start now!

-> Pay now to secure your enrollment 

$1.888 or 2x $999



-> Contact Syv to decide on a starting day

3-session Package


You are ready to take another step towards your healing and transformation. Congratulations!

Let's start now!

-> Pay now to secure your enrollment 

-> Contact Syv to decide on a starting day

A transformative personal exploration 


to bring more awareness in your mind​


to hear the wisdom of your body & soul


to shine your Greatness

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