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I am Syv, your Body Storyteller

I am bringing you Body Storytelling,

a map to a new consciousness around your body.

It is time

To befriend your body and your own self

To take responsibility and ownership back, on who you want to be, your health, your body, our desires 

To live consciously , to bring awareness in your day life, your business, your body, your relationships. 

To appreciate what is.

To act from your essence of Love, not from your limitations and conditionings. 

To face your believes, conditionings, patterns, and transmute what does not serve you well anymore. 


This requires gentleness, persistence, dedication, love, forgiveness, training. 



That is why I create a map and a safe space. Body Storytelling gives you a map to follow, tools and practices, to access insights and your innate wisdom. 

  Body Storytelling helps you fall in love with yourself!  

You are here to remember 

your own power and wisdom,

and the Joy of Life.

When you remember your essence, who you deeply are,

you come back to your infinite power and

can see your unlimited potential.

Facebook Community  'The Embodied'

A space to explore yourself.

Doors to new perspectives.

A tool for your own evolution.  

The body in movements. 

The body in stillness. 

The wisdom of your body.

The voice of your body. 


Transformation happens first in the body. 

Let your body lead the way.

Let you body show your mind a new narrative

Simply contact Syv to join

this community 

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