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Inviting Simplicity Back
June 28-July 4

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It is time to claim your power back. 


Daring embracing your highest potential. 


We live now in quite an extraordinary time, exciting, tumultuous and scary- and the only thing you have control of is your self and your evolution. 

I know you already feel it in your inner being, in your stomach and heart. 

All you need is a safe space to dive in. And that is what I am offering you.

I am creating here a safe space to allow you to pause, take a breath, slow down and  remember your true self.

To get empowered and transformed.

And live your highest potential. 


So let’s get started with Simplicity. 

How to invite Simplicity back into your life?



Simplicity seems one of the hardest ways to live for most of us.


While at the same time,

one of the great secrets of a happy life is…to keep it simple.

Simplicity is more than reducing your to-do list, throw away all your belongings out of the window, go live in a cave. Simplicity reflects WHO you are, who you want to BE, what’s essential

Inviting Simplicity back is an amazing gift to yourself. It will transform you. 

June 28 - July 4

7 days to get back into Simplicity 


Early Bird Special us$ 222 

Available until June 20, midnight

Then us$275


7 days with Live videos, Guided embodied explorations, Contemplations, Integration, Ritual,

and a private Facebook page.  

To share, reflect, transform. 

🌸  Who is this for 


-those who feel overwhelmed and overly busy…and what to change it

-those who want to bring Spaciousness into their life

-those who wish more harmony in their life

-those who want to regain responsibility for their life

-those who want to connect to their the body to access the inner wisdom

-those who want to live their life from a more meaningful perspective



🌸  What you will get

-reflect on what is essential to you, and re-evaluate some aspects of your life

-bring more awareness in your daily life

-come back to your body instead of being only in your mind

-remember the joy of life and manifest it in your daily life

-empower yourself back

-regain a sense of peace in your mind and heart

-get a broader perspective on your life

-transform your self and life a subtle yet profound ways

-get some tools to bring simplicity back into your life, and create your own Magic Tools Kit

-remember to pause, take a breath, slow down

-and of course, keep it simple and playful!


Simplicity is part of the Mystery of Life. 



Life IS simple

Our essence is simple



Simplicity is not an intellectual concept only,

you have to experience it, taste it. 






Contact Syv if you have some questions

🌸    What You Can Expect from 'Inviting Simplicity Back'


✨ Live videos

In these live sessions I will dive into the different aspects of Simplicity, giving you some starting point for reflection and focus. You will also have the chance to connect with one another on this journey as we collectively move into enjoying the wonders of simplicity.


If you can't make the live sessions, don't worry. Replays will be available.

One live video will be devoted to the questions you might have. 


✨ Guided audio embodied explorations 

The guided audios are an invitation to leave the mental and quiet the mind. They will help you access your body~soul voice and wisdom, so that you can set deeper in your transformation. I will guide you through some movements to help connect you with your body which will make this exploration even more powerful.


✨ Contemplations

I also have a series of contemplations which will be sent to you via pdf documents. These are additional tools to help you receive answers, insights, and clarity on what simplicity means to you and how you can invite more of it into your life.


✨ Integration

I have specifically built integration time into this experience, gifting you the space to benefit from the insights and clarity received during the contemplation or embodied exploration. There is little  point having this new awareness if you do not integrate and embody it.This is where you see and feel the shifts in your life!


✨ Rituals

Simplicity, consistency and pleasure are keys to create new pathways in the brain and bring change. Therefore I will help you create simple yet powerful rituals that will add importance and personal value into this experience so you can ensure you maintain simplicity in your life once this Live experience has ended.



You will also receive an exclusive invitation to a private Facebook page where you will be able to share your experience, ask questions and benefit from each other’s insights. This is a safe space for you to explore simplicity and be supported.

Early Bird Special us$ 222 

Available until June 20, midnight




 Day 1   June 28            Opening Live #1  'Simplicity in our Lives'

                                        Guided Embodied Audio #1 'Slow Down'

                                        Contemplation #1


Day 2    June 29          Self Contemplation

                                     Sharing on our FB private group


Day 3    June 30           Live #2 'Open Questions Q&A'

                                       Guided Embodied Audio #2 'A Guest'

                                       Contemplation #2


Day  4    July 1           Self Contemplation

                                    Sharing on our FB private group

Day 5    July 2              Guided Embodied Audio #3 'Walk your simplicity'

                                      Contemplation #3


Day  6    July 3           Self Contemplation

                                   Sharing on our FB private group

Day 7   July 4              Closing Celebration Live #3 & Next Steps




Day 8  July 5             Surprise Bonus !

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