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The Agreements

Discover the four pillars of self-healing during my journey with illness, 

the agreements I made with myself. 

And make them yours.

Integrate them as well,

to bring radical and lasting transformations,

and find peace within yourself.

They are still my daily practice of wisdom, mind shifts, insights, which

keep deepening my evolution.

The Agreements 

Self-Study Evolution

What is included:


1 video with guided Embodied practices 

+ 1 Contemplation & IntegrationWorkbook

+ 1 Ritual 

 $ 99  


When I decided to heal myself, I had no clear map.

However I strongly committed to a few steps and internal changes.

What I call the four agreements. 


The evolution doesn’t stop because I am healthy again.  

I still use these agreements because they are



They still help me to come back right there, at the core, which  

becomes so much EASIER AND FASTER. 

To this day, these Agreements still bring me:







You too, you can integrate them into your life!

You too can say yes to Life

In this Masterclass, not only we will uncover what these AGREEMENTS are,

and we will also embody them to ANCHOR these precious gifts in your body. 

Whenever your body knows and speaks its truth,

the mind can follow and shifts happen.

Evolution is already on the move, inside of you   


Just say 'Yes' to it!


What you get in this Masterclass:

Replay video 

We explore the different aspects of the topic,

giving you some starting point for reflection and focus.

We dive straight into the body wisdom using guided movement practices. 

Movements through Body Storytelling

This is an invitation to leave the mental and quiet the mind. Transformation happens first in the body. Body Storytelling is about letting the body lead the way, letting the body show the mind your truth. 

These movement explorations will help you access your body~soul voice and wisdom, so that you can set deeper in your transformation.



Contemplation Workbook

An additional tool to help you receive answers, insights and clarity.




I have specifically built integration time into this experience, gifting you the space to benefit from the insights and clarity received during the contemplation or embodied exploration. There is little  point having this new awareness if you do not integrate and embody it.This is where you see and feel the shifts in your life!




Simplicity, consistency and pleasure are keys to create new pathways in the brain and bring change. Therefore I help you create simple yet powerful rituals that will add personal and sacred value to this experience. So you can ensure to maintain transformation and reflection once this exploration has ended.



You will also receive an exclusive invitation to a private Facebook Group where you will be able to share your experiences and ask questions. This is a safe space for you to explore your self and be supported.


Take me to
The Agreements

Thanks for your trust

A transformative exploration 

to bring more awareness in your mind​

to hear the wisdom of your body

to shine your Greatness



happens first in the body

This is about letting the body show the mind your truth.

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