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The BodyStorytelling Map

is your compass

to befriend your body, Life and your darkness.

In order to feel really Alive.



A curriculum to learn your Body's Intelligence & Leadership, and to get the ownership of your body back.

A toolbox for your healing -physical and emotional- which means acceptance, love, forgiveness and full embodiment.

This Body Storytelling map is based on my own experience with illness & self-healing, and a new thinking & listening

The BodyStorytelling Map is made of 3 stages,

compounding on each other:

1-Befriend your body

2-Befriend Life

3-Befriend your darkness & death


We will use the 3 Pilars of Body Storytelling:


Cellular, Breath, Skin


Acceptance, Forgiveness, Embodiment

a Kinder narrative

Deep listening, Body Intelligence, Love

The BodyStorytelling Map revolutionises

the consciousness you have

around your body.


Stage 1

Befriend your body


This stage introduces the notions of your body as a presence,

and the micro-macro (being present 50% inside, 50% outside).

This stage is a major step towards stopping the insidious war with your body and yourself, and start looking at your body as an ally, the greatest you actually have.


Befriend your body radically shifts your mindset around your body. You become an explorer of a mysterious & magical land. This land, your body, has its own intelligence, which you access when you open yourself, listen, slow down.


Befriend your body reminds you to take the ownership of your body back. That it is time you trust your body and yourself. You are such a powerful being, remember! You can sit in the eye of your storm and transmute your challenges.

You learn to listen to the voice of your body. Your body brings you some fresh perspectives, and reminds you that you can always write new identities and believes, forgive yourself, forgive others. Your body gives you the answers you are looking for.


You are meant to co-create with your body, so let’s start!


With ‘Befriend your Body’


-you stop the war with yourself

-you stop your belief of separation with yourself/your body

-you learn to listen to your body and hear its messages

-you co-create a new reality with your body’s intelligence

-you forgive yourself

-you learn to enter your challenges and look at them differently

-you radically transform the way you live with your body and yourself

-you own your body back

-you become more joyful, lighter, peaceful, empowered. In one word: alive!

-you fall in love

Launch of the 1st cohort in Singapore in May 2024!

3-month curriculum including:

-12 hours in-presence sessions in an intimate & safe space

​-a BodyStorytelling map to keep as a guide

-3 months of support with online sessions

-2  pre-recorded Masterclasses (value $200)

+ …Surprises!


 Pioneer Price at sg$1200

Befriend your Body

You are ready to change your life


Welcome back to your true self!


Contact Syv to register


A transformative personal exploration 


to hear the wisdom of your body


to shine your Greatness

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