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Heart Shape

Lets Rock'n Roll your Heart
with The Medicine of the Heart

What does it feel like when you are not operating from the heart space?


Our present time asks you to shift from the mind & the ego to the HEART, 

from the survival or power chakras to the HEART chakra. 



Growth is knocking at your door, 

in the form of the Heart Medicine. 

It is time to answer it.


Let’s rock’n roll your heart !

So far we have been living in a world defined by survival, tribes, power- by the lower 3 chakras - which built the base for us to flourish.

Evolution is moving us now to the heart, where your personal growth can take a whole new level:    


🖤 The heart is the alchemist who transmutes fear, anger, guilt, shame

🖤 The heart helps you to face your life challenges (events, difficult emotions, relationships) with more ease and grace

🖤 The heart is the place where your guides - your intuition, your spirits friends, your power animals, your insights- talk to you and where you receive direction & wisdom 

Lets Rock'n Roll your Heart
Your Self Study Evolution

What is included:


1 video with guided Embodied & meditation practices 

+ 1 BodyStorytelling Sequence Practice (6 postures to flow through)


Click here to enroll now!

In this masterclass, you will

-Come back to yourself first, to build a stong foundation first,  by opening your heart to self love, self honour, self respect, self worth 


-Put aside your inner critic or ‘what is wrong with me?”. And instead bost your self-esteem & self-worth, and  focus on what you do right, on your talents and on the times you touched others


-Learn how to let go of your pain (heavy emotions, issues in your life, chanllenges), in order to let your true essence shine through your heart


-Integrate power with heart, excluding none of them


-Find your new posture, both physically and energetically (love that one, it’s kinda magic )

-Remember your essence & your higher self ! They are round the corner, waiting for you to start a conversation with them. 

-(Re)Discover an unexpected power you already hold within 

-Receive tools & practices you can implement on your own


What you get in this Masterclass:


To give you some points for reflection and focus.

We dive straight into the body wisdom using guided movement practices. 

Movements through Body Storytelling

This is an invitation to leave the mental and quiet the mind. Transformation happens first in the body. Body Storytelling is about letting the body lead the way, letting the body show the mind your truth. 

These movement explorations will help you access your body~soul voice and wisdom, so that you can set deeper in your transformation.



BodyStorytelling Sequence Practice

Embodiment and repetition are keys to create new pathways in the brain and bring change. Therefore I created a powerful BodyStorytelling Sequence Practice to anchor in your body the evolution & transformation you are calling forth.

This sequence is made of 6 postures you flow through, to help you enter your heart and let go of the pain



 Click here to enroll now into your heart ! 

A transformative exploration 

to become liberated

to hear the wisdom of your body

to shine your Greatness



happens first in the body

This is about letting the body show the mind your truth.

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