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The Agreements 



Your Body 1.0



The Gift of





The Call beyond your Body


Rock'n Roll

your Heart


"Syv’s online program was exactly what I needed that time. As I had very intense period in my life I couldn’t understand what was created by my mind or what was I really felt.

Syv showed me how to listen to my body. Pay attention to it. Showed me the way to feel, not to think. And I paused. This is the time I needed for reflection. Our bodies don’t lie. We just should listen to them. To be able to move forward with all understanding which step we should take.

Thank you so much magical Syv! You are an angel who came to this Earth for love for others."


More material for your GROWTH

A Millimeter Closer Series

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Body Intimacy


The Art of Pausing




You deeply desire:


~To feel worthy, to have a high self esteem & self validation


~To know what deeply matters to you, what is essential, what is your revolution & vision


~To be empowered & in charge


~To be more aware of your inner landscape


~To change the relationship with your body, your mind, your soul, your energy, and to be more integrated.


~To have clarity, simplicity, peace, more playfulness 


~To be more athentically yourself


~To trust Life and yourself, to surrender to the mystery & magic of life


~To have inner spaciousness in order to hold your vision, your growth, or challenges when they occur


~To be more gentle and caring with yourself


~To feel you are in your rightful place




But the reality often looks like this:


You feel that your life could be lighter, more joyful, more aligned.


You feel not worthy, with a low self esteem, small or not enough,.


You feel overwhelmed, stressed, always rushing, or frustrated. 


You notice that the same labels, limiting patterns, behaviours or thoughts keep recurring. In the relationship with yourself and with others, in your business, in the embodiment of your vision. 


You feel you are missing out some aspects of your life and not fulfilling your big vision. That there is something better, grander about yourself.


You want to change the relationship with yourself (aka your body and your mind), but don’t know how to start 


You are longing for clarity, purpose, simplicity, a re-connection with body, heart, soul


You feel scattered 




It doesn’t matter whether you have been on the path to transformation for years or months.

Transformation happens in stages. 

What matters is to take a step, to keep going,

and to be supported and guided in the process. 

You have to do the work yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone. 

Let’s face it, the work is not mean to be easy, but it can be simple. 

Big truths, cosmic truths, and your deepest insights 

are always very SIMPLE .



I am bringing 11 years experience of diving within.

With my practice of Butoh, of conducting butoh & movement workshops in many countries; through my long self-healing & recovery journey.

And through being a modern-day shaman. 


I want to extend to you the abundance of insights, transformation, evolution and healing I received over the years. 


I know what it is to feel lost, trapped, depressed, with no life meaning, to feel pain in the body, to forget one soul, to reject the body, to want to die.

I know first-hand

the impactful shifts that occur

when you open yourself to a deeper connection

with your body, with your essence. When you commit to your own transformation and evolution.


Your Evolution starts now.

Your transformation deepens now. 


You are ready to explore your deepest being & ready to walk your healing path.

You are ready to free yourself from the conditionings and self limitations that prevents you from living your life fully. 


You are READY to move on to


You are ENERGY brought into MATTER

Time to EMBODY both!


You are ready to make room for who you truly are so that you can shine.

To DARE formulate and express your desires, what makes you feel alive.

You are ready to take RESPONSABILITY for your evolution, your thoughts and actions


You are ready to move with awareness and alignment. 

You are ready to be the CREATOR of a more aware, aligned and joyful life.


You are ready to respect your needs, to develop a gentler and more peaceful presence with yourself 

You are ready to remove dramas and tightness 

You are ready to RE-CONNECT with Nature & your own nature

You are ready to listen to yourself, which means listen to your body wisdom,  your intuition.your soul, your guides. 


Your body is a powerful tool for your transformation:

your body is a messenger, a platform, a vessel, a medicine. 

That is why the body path is a key element in my offers.

In order to dive deep into your truth.  Movements and body storytelling stir up memories and suppressed emotions, but also wisdom that has been dormant. I am a Body Storyteller and am guiding you along the way. 


My masterclasses and private mentoring are POWERFULLY TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEYS.

What I am sharing is my own 11 years of practice and commitment to healing and transformation. 


In my toolbox, you will find not only movement practices, shamanic journey, but also contemplation, qigong, rituals, essential oils, body storytelling. 

I create a space for you to pause and remember. 

I open doors to your own re-discovering of the joy and magic of Life.

I guide you through practices towards insights and revelation. 



It is time you put all the pieces of yourself together.

Time to feel one.

You are a lot more than who you are now.


You are infinite, creative, kind, love, worthy, expansive...



This is a call, YOUR CALL. 

to creations, freedom, expansion, success, lightness, strength,

transformation of consciousness, honesty,

to returning to who you really are.

This is a call to create a new world,

your vision of the new world. 

My work is to guide you along your path of transformation and evolution. 

It is time for you to reach a higher altitude of yourself. 




​When you become the active creator of a present that is nourishing to you, you provoke at the same time change in your relationships, in your environment, in the world. 

When you move deeper into you uncovering of layers, you access more and more your true potential. 


Remembering and self-awareness are incredibly freeing and empowering. 


Welcome, to your own transformation. ​



I envision a world where everybody communicate to and with their body, heart and soul.

Where everybody feels both their matter & energy self.

Where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. And where we marvel at the magic and mystery of Life, including ourselves.

Where we know our darkness as well as our light.

Where we take responsibility for our thoughts, words actions.

Where we all shine. Where we know we are Love. ​


This is my R-Evolution. I am here to normalize all of this. 

It starts with me. It starts with you. 

Taking care of yourself is taking care of the world. 

When you change your personal narrative, 

when you heal yourself, 

you heal the collective.

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