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The Body Storyteller

About me

I am Syv Bruzeau, your Body Storyteller.

I am here to make your healing and transformation simple.

I guide you to release stuck energies & outdated narratives, to accept yourself and live a more expansive and joyful life.



My online explorations mirror how I see the world and live life. 

I extend to you the abundance of insights, transformation, evolution, and healing I received over the years.

You receive time, space, and support for your own reflection, transformation, growth. 


You learn different medicines and practices which benefit all aspects of your life. ​


The Agreements 

Discover the pillars of self-healing during my journey with illness, which you can apply in your life to bring deep and lasting transformations, and find peace within yourself


Befriend Your Body 1.0

The body is your ally and unwavering  support,

your best medicine, not your enemy. 

Befriending your body means befriending Life.


  • To really embody who you are, no matter where you are on your journey


    To reach a grander frequency quality. 

  • To (re)discover your body wisdom & use it in your life or business.

  • To take your responsibility & power back. 

  • To find again your truth and joy. 


Butoh is a fascinating, powerful, and poetic dance. 

It is the dance of Life in all its spectrum of darkness and light.


“ With humour and honesty, Syv recounts her journey,

of learning to listen to her body, 

the painful and multi-faceted processes of being ill, 

and the depression that followed as she began her recovery from cancer.


Along the way, she shares her personal insights 

and tackles taboos about suicide, depression, and the myth of perfect health.


Standing Naked In Front of You brings hope and laughter to many sensitive subjects. 

It is a compelling, inspirational story of a new birth.”





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